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Growing up the daughter of coveted celebrity manicurist Lisa Jachno, Alexandra Jachno has been immersed in the world of nails from before she can remember. Watching her mother paint nearly every hand in Hollywood, Alexandra had a rare glimpse into the elite world of celebrity, sparking her passion from an early age. Today, the mother-daughter duo is teaming up to launch labnails, a collection of nail care tools and polishes created using their combined 30 years experience.

Alexandra’s creativity and entrepreneurial drive has always been in her DNA. The 25-year old was a budding manicurist at the ripe age of 8, polishing the tiny fingers of her friends in a sidewalk stand foreshadowing her eventual career in the industry. Following a dream internship at L’Oreal in product development, Alexandra gained tools that would prove useful in launching her own collection and her passion for nails began to evolve into a larger dream. During her time at L’Oreal, she gained valuable knowledge from the international cosmetic and beauty leaders’ team of innovators, meeting key influencers within the industry and learning the intricate process of launching a product. At the encouragement of her closest confidantes, Alexandra began assisting her mother on top manicure jobs around the country and soon established an impressive portfolio of Hollywood hands including Jennifer Aniston, Julia Roberts, Kerry Washington, and more.

Alexandra’s dedication, work ethic, and skill have gained the attention of top photographers, publications, and celebrities. Her passion for art, culture, fashion and beauty have kept her on the cutting edge of the industry and her finger on the pulse of the latest beauty trends. With the launch of labnails, Alexandra will be solidified as a key player in the beauty industry’s nail renaissance.